Why The Cheetah Method 7-week Challenge?

The cheetah reminds us to be #FearlessFocusedFabulous! And now The Cheetah Method 7-week Challenge gives you 7-steps to #GetYourCheetahOn, so you can reach your goals this year! Yes, that means one step per week so you can create the life you love! Join the challenge at anytime. But when you finish the challenge on or before Wednesday, April 20th, you will be invited to join our celebration party at the Cheetah Center that April 20th from 6-7:30 PM CST (across from the Pewaukee Beach: 161 W. Wisconsin Ave. 1-H, Pewaukee, WI 53072). There will be a drawing for one winner to receive the handcrafted sterling silver cheetah pendant (valued at $130.). Join The Cheetah Method 7-week Challenge, and the fabulous group of women, committed to growth - just like you!

Join The Cheetah Method 7-week Challenge

Here's why you want to sign up for The Cheetah Method 7-week Challenge:

  • You get 7-steps, with video and workbook content, to help you make effective decisions that align to your vision, values, and goals!

  • You will learn how you are getting in your own way of goal achievement and how to stop self-sabotaging

  • You will learn how to quiet your chattering mind so you can make decisions in alignment with the life you love

  • You will learn how to create your vision, values, and goals from your essence, not your ego, so you feel fulfilled

  • You will learn how to live in inner alignment, trusting your gut, heart, and head to guide you in those just right decisions for you!

  • You will learn how to voice it in a way that is heard, respected, and considered so you get the love and support you deserve

  • You will learn to execute the tasks needed to succeed, while still having plenty of time to do the things you love

  • You will learn how to track your progress monthly, and make the changes needed to succeed so you can realize the outcomes you desire

  • You will learn how to form habits in the 7-steps to The Cheetah Method, so you have a methodology to succeed in years to come

  • You will be a part of The Cheetah Method community, and will be invited to celebrate your completion of The Cheetah Method 7-week Challenge on Wednesday, April 20th from 6-7:30 PM at The Cheetah Center, across from Pewaukee Beach. Out of town? No problems - you can zoom in on the party!

Susan K. Wehrley, Founder and Instructor of The ALIGN Academy's: CHEETAH SCHOOL

Instructor Bio:

Susan K. Wehrley is the founder and CEO of BIZremedies and The ALIGN'S Cheetah School for Women Leaders. She has been a leadership coach and trainer for over 32 years, working with companies such as: Harley-Davidson and Johnson Controls; as well as hundreds of small to medium-sized companies, thousands of executives. In addition to teaching traditional leadership development skills, Susan's "secret sauce" is her Gut Intelligence (GQ) Process, which she has trademarked. The Gut Intelligence (GQ) Process teaches you how to: trust your gut to alert you, your heart to align you to what you want, and your head to figure out the best plan to meet your vision, values and goals. When we develop these three brains within us, we get a Board of Directors within to guide us in effective decision-making. Now, Susan has developed The ALIGN Academy, an online training platform to focus primarily on helping women leaders thrive, so they can live a fulfilled and balanced life, at work and home.

Susan K. Wehrley


“Susan teaches us how to get out of our own way so we can better ALIGN our decisions to our vision, values and goals.”

CEO, Summit Credit Union

Kim Sponem

“The ability to quiet my mind using the techniques Susan has shown has allowed my Inner Voice to guide me in all of life's decisions. This 'knowing' is a powerful tool that leads to peace and confidence.”

Tax Director, PwC

Jennifer L. Schiellack

“Susan's program helped me get in touch with my Inner Voice. Instead of striving and driving out of fear that I was not enough, I now pause and ask myself good questions to get clear about what I want before I make a decision.”

Leader in Manufacturing

Micaela Kuntz

“I have worked with Susan K. Wehrley throughout the years as an Executive Coach and Consultant for my business. We give her program much of the credit for us receiving the award "Best Place to Work". ”

Managing Partners, Lube-Tech Partners

Andrew Haag

“I signed up so I could get my Daily-Dose-of-Susan. Her tips keep me on track to respond instead of react to difficult situations. It's like having her wisdom right on my shoulder! ”

Emergency Medicine, Edgerton Hospital

Dr. Brian Stubitsch

“Susan teaches us how to quiet our mind and focus on a powerful question, "How might I...?" that connects us to our Inner Knowing and improves our decision-making. ”

Owner and CEO, Dedicated Computing

Don Schlidt

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