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When you sign up for "AWAKEN: Be Fearless" Online Course, you get


    In the AWAKEN online course, you learn how to become fearless, by learning how to raise your level of consciousness and tap into your intuitive guidance.


    The library full of 20-30 minute video mediations, will help you attune to your intuitive inner voice for guidance. This will allow you to let go of your fear so you can find your authentic path, by asking your intuition your, "How might I...?" question. Ultimately, this will help you to achieve your goals!


    Use this downloadable PDF to quiet your chattering mind and move from fear to fearless! urther your ability to let go of fear and awaken to your intuitive inspiration!

Awaken course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to Cheetah School

    • Introduction: Why Cheetah School?

  • 02

    Women's Leadership Handbook - Chapter One: AWAKEN

    • Introduction - Chapter One: AWAKEN

  • 03

    AWAKEN: Be Fearless!

    • AWAKEN: Your Wisdom & the Guts!

    • AWAKEN: How Fear Holds you Back from the 5 Levels of Consciousness

    • AWAKEN: How to Detach from Fear & Become Intuitively Aligned

    • AWAKEN: The Role of the Gut

    • AWAKEN: The Role of the Heart

    • AWAKEN: The Role of the Head

    • Affirmations to Awaken the Gut, Heart and Head

    • 8 Wellness Practices to Help You Be Fearless

    • Wellness Tips (Continued)

  • 04

    AWAKEN: A Resource Library of Meditation Practices to Help you Awaken to the Fearless, Focused and Fabulous Version of You!

    • How to use the online Yoga Resource Library

    • Let Go!

    • Peace

    • Focus Forward

    • Surrender

    • Lead with Love

    • Truth in Love

    • Get Strong

    • Open-hearted

    • Locus of Control

    • Manifest by Owning it!

    • Free from the Fear of the Unknown

    • Restore & Reconnect

    • Self-Awareness

  • 05


    • Journal Worksheet: From Fear to Fearless!


How to know if this program and community is right for you:

  • You want to be fearless so you can set goals and make decisions that align to the life you will love!

  • You want to quiet your chattering mind and raise your level of consciousness, so you can detach from other's expectations and focus on what you want to create!

  • You want a program that is online, so that you can do the self-study at your own pace!

  • You want to be a part of a community where you can chat with other women online, who are committed to achieving their goals too - and being the fearless, focused, and fabulous version of themselves!

  • You want downloadable information, so you can continue to practice the techniques you learn and be the fearless, focused and fabulous version of you!

  • You want to reach your goals this year, and want to be sure they are in alignment with your gut, heart, and head!


“Susan has awakened me to my heart and soul in ways I didn't think were possible! ”

Micaela Kuntz

Become fearless as you Awaken to higher levels of consciousness

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