3 Features:

When you sign up for the "Goal Alignment: Be Focused!" Online Course you get


    This online course provides you with techniques on how to get focused, with instructions on how to create a vision, values, and goals!


    You will get a library full of PDF's, in worksheet format, to fill out your vision, values, and goals!


    No...you're not alone! You will get an opportunity to chat with other like-minded women who are on the path to become their fearless, focused and fabulous self! Ask questions. Make comments. Create a dialogue. That is what community is all about!

Goal Alignment course curriculum

Be Focused!

  • 01

    Introduction Goal Alignment: Be Focused!

    • How this Course will Help you Get Focused on Your Vision, Values, and Goals!

    • Survey: What You Want From the Course

  • 02

    Women's Leadership Handbook - Chapter Two: Goal-Alignment

    • Introduction Chapter Two: Goal-Alignment

  • 03

    Let Your Vision, Values and Goals Be Authentic to You!

    • How to Create from Your Essence, Not your EGO

    • Survey: How to Know if it's Your Authentic Vision, Values and Goals!

  • 04

    How to Create Your Vision

    • Discover your "WHY" (The Meaning Beyond Your Work)

    • Vision Worksheet

    • Survey: Your Vision

  • 05

    How to Create Your Values and ALIGN Your Decisions

    • Values: Let Your Decisions Be a Reflection of What Matters Most to You

    • Values Worksheet

    • Survey: Your Values

  • 06

    How to Set Goals You Will Achieve

    • Goals: Map Out What you Want and How to Get There

    • Goal Worksheet for the 7 Areas of Your Life

    • Survey: Your Goals

  • 07

    Accountability: Asking the Hard Questions

    • Raise Your Level of Consciousness to Create the Life You Want

    • Survey: Accountability

  • 08

    Final Survey

    • Final Survey


How to know if this program and community is right for you:

  • You want to be focused and learn how to create your vision, values, and goals!

  • You want to understand how to continue to align your decisions to your goals on a daily basis, in the moments that matter

  • You want to live by inspired action, aligning your goals and decisions to something that inspires you - that is bigger than yourself!

  • You want to have an online course that you can take at your own pace

  • You want downloadable information that will guide you through the vision, values, and goal creation process

  • You want a community of like-minded people who are committed to be focused on achieving their goals!


“Susan has helped me meet my goals and create the life I want!”

Jennifer L. Schiellack

Become focused through goal-alignment

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