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When you sign up for PIVOT: Be Fabulous! Online Course, you get


    This online course provides you with techniques to become the fabulous version of you has let go of fear. With this course, you will believe you are enough to make the changes needed to succeed!


    You will get a library full of PDF's, in worksheet format, to journal and help you get past deprivation and limited-thinking that is getting in the way of you making the changes you need to make.


    After each video segment, you will get a chance to dialogue with other women who are also going through the course and similar situations as you are facing. When we come together in community, we are stronger!

PIVOT: Learn how increased Gut Intelligence (GQ) allows you to make decisions aligned to your goals!

It's time to create the life you love!

  • 01

    WELCOME! Course Introduction and Instructions

    • BEFORE WE GET STARTED: How might I help you?

    • Introduction: Why Gut Intelligence (GQ) is Necessary to Pivot?

  • 02

    Women's Leadership Handbook - Chapter Three: Pivot

    • Introduction Chapter Three: Pivot

  • 03

    LET'S GET STARTED: Take the Gut Intelligence (GQ) Assessment to see how well you can pivot!

    • INSTRUCTIONS: Gut Intelligence (GQ) Assessment

    • ASSESSMENT: Take the Gut Intelligence Assessment

    • TALLY UP YOUR SCORE! What level of Gut Intelligence do you operate at?

    • Short Summary Quiz: Levels of Gut Intelligence (GQ)

  • 04

    PIVOT step #1: "Own it!"

    • INTRODUCTION: “Own it!” to Effectively Pivot

    • “OWN IT!”: Recognize Your Ego

    • "OWN IT": Transform Your Ego

    • Short Summary Quiz: Own it!

  • 05

    PIVOT step #2: "Ask it!"

    • INTRODUCTION: “Ask it!” to Effectively Pivot

    • FIRST STEP IN THE S.T.O.P. TECHNIQUE: S-slow down and breathe:

    • SECOND STEP IN THE S.T.O.P. TECHNIQUE: T-tune in within:

    • THIRD STEP IN THE S.T.O.P. TECHNIQUE: O-Observe what’s happening:

    • FOURTH STEP IN THE S.T.O.P. TECHNIQUE: P-Perceive a new possibility!

    • VIDEO: Practice the S.T.O.P. Technique to Help you Pivot!


    • Short Summary Quiz: Ask it!

  • 06

    PIVOT step#3: "Voice it!"

    • INTRODUCTION: “Voice it!” to Effectively Pivot

    • FIRST KEY: Pivot Effectively with the 7 Principles of Gut Intelligence (GQ)

    • JOURNAL WORKSHEET: 7 Principles to Gut Intelligence (GQ)

    • SECOND KEY: The Heisenberg Theory and how it helps you pivot!

    • JOURNAL WORKSHEET: The Heisenberg Theory

    • THIRD KEY: 5 Step Intuitive Alignment Conversation to Help You Pivot

    • JOURNAL WORKSHEET: 5 Step Intuitive Alignment Conversation to Help you Pivot

    • Short Summary Quiz: Voice it!

  • 07

    GROUND YOURSELF: How to Pivot Fast in the Unknown

    • 8 WELLNESS PRACTICES: To Help you Pivot Effectively

    • JOURNAL WORKSHEET: 8 Wellness Practices

    • Short Summary Quiz: 8 Wellness Practices

  • 08

    BENCHMARK YOUR GROWTH: Re-take the Gut Intelligence Assessment & Short Survey

    • ASSESSMENT: Re-take the Gut Intelligence (GQ) Assessment!

    • Short Summary Quiz: Benchmark Your Growth!


In the PIVOT course, you will be sure to get the following benefits:

  • You will feel fabulous, once you finish the course and know you are enough to pivot fast when necessary to meet your goals!

  • You will know how to align your decisions to your vision, values and goals and take the needed risks to succeed!

  • You will get an online course that you can do at your own pace, because we know you are a busy woman!

  • You will get downloadable information you can refer to often to keep you on track!

  • You will get a community of women who are also committed to the fabulous version of themselves!


“Susan has been instrumental in me pivoting to grow my own business!”

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Deb Spina

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